Hypercube Evolution 3D Printer

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Parts overview

Parts overview



Dampened Feet

To mount the damper feets, the extrusions need to be tapped. Because the standard 3-flute hand tap does not bite in the first few millimeters, I improvised a 1-flute tap to start the thread and finished it with the 3-flute tap.

Improvised tap Improvised tap closeup

Dampened feet


Machining the MDF back-, cover- and base plates

MDF plates after machining Milling the cable ducts Finished cable ducts

Housing plates mounted on the frame

Bed assembly

Bed frame assembled Cable chain attached

Machined holes in naked aluminium bed plate Screws and silicone springs mounted Applied the 230V/800W heating mat and a manually resettable thermal fuse Applying the adhesives to the flex printing surface

Print surface positioning brackets cut from aluminium L-beams Positioning brackets mounted FR4 print surface

To hold the insulation material beneath the bed in place, I've made this support plate:

Cutted beams and drilled support plate Support plate sitting on top of the bed frame Support plate seen from below Bed insulation material, the sides are covered in tape to prevent fluff

Bed assembly completed


Z linear guides and bed frame mounted Z axis linear screws mounted

X-, Y-Axis

Linear rails cleaned, greased and ready to be mounted Applied some screw lock

Y carriage on the rail Optical end stop on the Y-axis

X carriage and hot end front view X carriage and hot end from below

Belt idler mounted